Fort Worth, Texas – Keep your home as cool as can be even in the face of the roasting Texas summer sun! How can you achieve such a cool feat? By utilizing the best solar screens in Joshua, Texas, and the Fort Worth area from Atlas Solar Tex!

Atlas Solar Tex has been providing high-quality window and door treatment and products for the last 20 years! Part of that is making sure that the summers are not as brutal or hard to live in as possible. After all, the Texas sun is known for punishing heat a lot of the time but mostly during the summer season.

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One of the best solutions to counter the effects of the summer sun is the use of solar screens. It offers protection and relief from too much exposure to the heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays. And the great thing about using solar screens is that it doesn’t actually obstruct the beautiful view outside. Glare is effectively reduced while contributing to improving the temperature inside homes.

An exceptional benefit of using solar screens is that it has the capability to help lower your energy bill. That’s as great a benefit as you can get from any item that’s used in the home. And the solar screen does that without compromising the style and the overall look of your home.

Solar screens also offer enough coverage to ensure that your privacy is maintained. And who wouldn’t want to be able to hold on to their privacy even though there is an object that allows you to look and still enjoy the view? Best of all, you can also pick your own style, material, and color. You get great protection that also happens to look great.

About the Company – Atlas Solar Tex is known for being the leading provider of solar screens and roller shades in Joshua, Texas. And they haven’t been doing it recently as they have been trusted by their customers for the past two decades. Other areas that they have served during that timespan and into the present are Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, Parker, as well as other nearby counties and areas.

They make it a point to provide their customers with not just quality products but affordable choices as well. Customers are able to select from custom-designed arches, porches, and windows. All of their products are suitable for use in both commercial establishments and homes.

Over the past 20 years, Atlas Solar Tex has managed to forge a strong connection with its customers. They managed to do it by combining the aforementioned quality of their products and excellent customer service. Aside from the protective qualities of their products such as solar screens and roller shades, they also offer the following benefits:

  • One-year warranty on labor
  • 15-year warranty on materials
  • Custom grid work

If you want to spare your home from the ill-effects of getting too much of the sun’s effects during the summertime, please contact Atlas Solar Tex now. You’ll be getting a free estimate as well as some guidance on what is best for your home’s situation.

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